About Fly

What is Fly?

Launchers are the way Android users customize their mobile experience. There are superficial stuffs, like changing screen transitions, icons, and fonts. However, those shiny and fancy functions often make your phone slow and even frustrated to use.

The best Android launchers out there should enable users to tweak the device's behavior to suit their daily usage. You can make your home screens as simple as you wish. And that’s exactly what we are trying to do for you. We want to make your phone easier and simpler to use.

If you're looking for a change of pace from the out-of-box software experience on your phone, Fly Launcher is your best choice!
Fly Launcher is light, could optimally smooth your android.
Fly Launcher is stylish, could match your style.
Fly Launcher is smart, could make everything done intelligently.
Fly Launcher is the best for those looking for an iOS-like experience.


Who we are?

Fly Team is a group of young, passionate people and perfectionist.
We are young yet strong, even the average age of us is just 25 years old.
We are composed of brilliant product managers, intelligent IT engineers, and creative designers.
We are together because we have the same dream that develop a real good launcher for users.
We are together because we all are perfectionist.
Thus, now we are committed to develop the android home-screen managing app.

We listen to every users’ voices.
We insist that a really good launcher could bring the best experience for users.
We strive to make Fly launcher perfect.

We aim at making Fly launcher perfect and satisfy most of Android phone users’ requirements.
Fly Team believe that every user is the product manager, and we all make it happen.